Wenmoon Studios donation shows results of 2,500 years old!

Thanks to our donation, the specialists from the Institute of Archaeology continued the archaeological research and made discoveries in the Getic citadel from Albești, Vaslui county, Romania. These brought to light an impressive defensive system. It is about 2,500 years old!

A new miraculous discovery, only 85 kilometres from the city of Iași! It was all captured in a series of spectacular images. Archaeologists have immortalised everything through a series of spectacular images. The research took place in a Getic fortress in the town of Albești, Vaslui county. Archaeologists have uncovered an impressive defensive system.

It is about 2,500 years old. It should be noted that at the level of the V-III centuries BC. (before Christ – n.r.), at the beginning of the second Iron Age, a true civilisation of great earth and wood fortresses flourished in the space between the Carpathians and the Dniester. At this time, in this space that roughly corresponds to later historical Moldova, more than 130 fortresses are known, representing one of the largest agglomerations of fortifications in Europe at that time.

Defended by a defensive system consisting of a large defence wall with a moat, the fortress has an area of about 0.80 hectares.

“From the point of view of positioning, the fortress of Albești presents a series of distinct peculiarities. It is one of the few fortifications from this period that does not occupy a hilltop or a prominent plateau, being located in a valley area and, consequently, a reduced visibility area. It is called a “hill-slope fort” in specialised Western literature, that is, a “slope fortress”. We wanted to understand why ancient people decided to sit in such a hidden position. It was the main reason for opening a construction site here, based on a collaboration protocol concluded between the Institute of Archeology in Iași and the “Vasile Pârvan” County Museum in Bârlad”.

Pr Dr Alexandru Berzovan

Prof. Dr Alexandru Berzovan is a doctor in ancient history and archaeology scientific researcher at the Institute of Archaeology in Iasi. He is concerned with the second Iron Age, with more than 70 papers in various national and international scientific sessions, more than 60 scientific studies published in national and foreign journals, three published collective volumes and two books. author. He also participated in many systematic and preventive archaeological sites while conducting extensive field surveys in the western part of Romania and the area of ​​the Moldavian Plateau. In the last five years, he has been studying the problem of cities from the 5th to the 3rd centuries BC. from the eastern Carpathian area of ​​Romania.

The project „Age of Zalmoxis” of Wenmoon Studios is a great opportunity to bring life to the ancient Dacian period and make it accessible to all interested. I am honoured to be part in such a pioneering project.

Pr Dr Alexandru Berzovan

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